Cancellation without 24 hours notice or a no-show will result in a $15 missed appointment fee.

To pay for acupuncture appointments you can use cash, check, or credit/debit.  

​ How long are appointments?

  For most patients:

  First visit - 1 hour and 15 minutes

  Return visits - 1 hour

First Visit 


Treatment Tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that make it easy to access elbows and knees​
  • It's good to have a little something in your stomach prior to treatment
  • Embrace the silence. There will be other patients in the treatment room during your session. Keeping noise to a minimum is beneficial for everyone's healing.  Keep all belongings in the lockers out in reception.​


At your first appointment, we will start with some paper work to get a brief health history. After a discussion about your main health concern, we will get you seated in a comfortable recliner. You remove your socks and shoes, but keep the rest of your clothes. We will then insert the acupuncture needles. Most often, the acupuncture points used will be on your lower legs and arms. You stay relaxed and retaining the needles until you feel like you want to get up, (or if you need to leave at a certain time, just let your practitioner know). Once you feel finished with your treatment, get the practitioner's attention by opening your eyes and giving them a meaningful look. They will then be over to pull the needles. The acupuncturist will determine a course of treatment and you will have an idea of the frequency of your visits and when you can expect to see results.

Acupuncture works the best in a series of treatments. While one treatment may bring some relief, to get lasting effects it takes consistent, frequent acupuncture. How often you receive acupuncture and for how long depends on a few factors. What the condition is, how severe, and how long it has been going on are all part of determining how much acupuncture you will need.